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Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Jordan HOPE Miller and I am here to share my art, gifts, and unique passions with you.


Over the past years I have settled into who I truly am. And I am a transgender, psychic, healing, shapeshifting, mystical badass. 


It's truly no coincidence that you made your way to this page today. Whether you know me already or will in the near future, I believe in my heart that there is more than just our current surface level connection. Everything in the universe is connected.

And I am eager to share my wisdom, knowledge and heart with you.


It is important for me to add some radical vulnerability here... I haven't always been so confident and sure of who I am and what my life's purpose is. For most of my life I was ridden with grief, fear, trauma and scarcity. My heart was in so much pain from being so open, and for feeling like I was the only one in the whole world who was this sensitive to energyI am an empath and continually learning, and evolving.

This lead me to my path, walking closer and closer towards the center of my inner being. I am gifted, and special and wonderfully made. Now from this wholesome awareness I can share my truth and lift up my voice, and the voices of others like me.

  I am an open transgender man and this truth I have woken up to has given me experiences on both sides of the gender spectrum and the ability to see beyond societal constructs and mental barriers. It took immense personal power to go for it and Im so happy I did!


 During my work with others like yourself, I have witnessed instant healings, transformations, and miracles. The presence that I am able to hold is a direct reflection of the inner work that I have done and continue to do. I believe that as a facilitator of healing you make a commitment to continually evolve with love and consciousness.



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I humbly offer my gifts of vision, foresight, embodied wisdom, and unconditional love to hold you in any space that you find yourself in.  I offer Oracle Card Readings, Immersive 1 on 1  Programs, ThetaHealing sessions, and Reiki Seminars.


From this unique lens of understanding I am able to be of service to a wider range of beings. I truly look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level and sharing space with you.


With love and Gratitude 

Jordan HOPE Miller 

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