Express Yourself

As the divine feminine continues balance and pulse it’s ripples throughout the Earth the urge to BE, EXPRESS, to CREATE, grows strong within my being. Creation is where we come from and where we will return, the moments experienced in between are filled with with this same energy.

I always found it so amazing that we have the ability as human beings to draw, make music, write, dance, imagine, and dream. We can do this from "nothing" seemingly, we can do this anywhere and at any time. I sat with that - and meditated on the power of creating such beauty in this world....

How abundant ? How rich? How fantastic!!!

We create constantly. And it had me thinking about the famous occult quote “As above so below”.

We create here and the cosmos are expanding , as the cosmos create we expand here on Earth.

I am so excited to be here to witness the shifts in energies that will be happening more and more, and to be embodied in my truth of feeling both the masculine and feminine energies in my expression shift and change from day to day. I’m excited to see all of the art that’s being created in this present moment now even as I write or you read.

Tap into this wonderful flow








Inert or Moving


Jordan Hope Miller

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