"Jordan gave myself and my friends an oracle card/ soul reading. Our experience was enlightening and very unique. Jordan met with our group and he personally told us each some reasons for our suffering and pain. He is a battery that charges personal change and growth and my friends and myself would personally recommend him. He unlocked deep memories from past lives that were trapped in our subconscious. At the time some of the messages did not make sense but a few weeks and months later everything started to unfold before my eyes." -Suzie B. 

I was so hurt when you came after me as I left the fire and just the fact that you cared so deeply about me started the healing process. The sense of feeling loved by others. We did this beautiful little meditation which really rooted me into our little space so I could be present for the questions you were about to ask me. Answering these really helped me realise what the actual issue in my life was, as before I was chasing after something that subconsciously I already knew that I had. You helped me to start forgiving my past and letting the love shine back through my heart and I am ever grateful for this. You made the slight shift in my direction and like two weeks later all of a sudden I meet my soulmate. Which I think wouldn't have been possible if you didn't show me the way back to my self love. Lots of love my dear friend! :) - Louisa S

"Jordan is a wise soul with extraordinary skills and the heart in the right place. His healing brought my to a place within myself that I needed to revisit for healing. Thank you, Jordan"

-Hans V 

"I was going through a significant life change and Jordan gave me support and insights that really helped me work through my feeling and to move forward. 
Thank you for your caring and compassionate support ❤"  -Gail S

You're a very beautiful person.
I really appreciated how you cared about me and how I felt safe to share everything that was coming through.

You're highly gifted and you're using those gifts on such a profound way and very wisely.
Thanks for you time and for your kindness.

Sending you lots of love and light Jordan - Florianne C.

"Jordan has a way of healing beyond measure. His kindness and gentle nature made the experience very comfortable. My reiki session and oracle card reading was very moving and healing. My heart feels much more open to attaining my personal growth. I can’t wait for the next session"! -Miiko H.

How does one write a review for a soul that's been sent to you for mutual healing, connection, guidance and then my reiki training? Well I'm certainly going to try. I believe Jordan is superhuman. One that possesses all the beautiful imperfections us souls are born into, yet inexplicably possess all the glorious, Divine giftings that dance in collusion. He's lived the life, walked the walk and seems to illuminate everything he touches.

I'm eternally grateful that the Universe conspired in it's always, perfect timing. It has been a pleasure completing level one of my reiki master training, but more importantly getting to understand who Jordan is, where he has come from and where he has arrived. His authenticity and conscious being is refreshing, approachable and lovable. I'm looking forward to a continued journey of mutual healing, guidance, connection and on-going training. Looking forward to radiating our gifts outward! - Jessica F